Although all of us have similar natural tooth structure, some of us may have artificial teeth with dental implants that serve as missing tooth roots and crowns, bridges or dentures for dentition.

I’ve used the word similar because our natural tooth structure is unique to our makeup and even tooth replacements and dental restorations are custom-made to suit our own oral dimensions. Therefore, our white teeth are full of character whether straight or in need of teeth straightening with dental braces.

How tooth structure gives teeth character

Teeth form from embryonic cells with an outer enamel mineral layers encasing softer tooth, dentin, cementum and dental pulp. Natural tooth colour varies from whitish cream to yellow, and gray.

Dentin is a protective layer of collagen-protein surrounding the inner dental pulp of connective tissue where nerves and blood vessels are present. Cementum is bone-like material around the tooth root that anchors the periodontal ligaments between the teeth and jawbone.

Although we may have existing tooth structures, the condition and health of our dentition varies due to health, oral hygiene, diet, and occlusion.  Our teeth may have different shapes, shades, sizes and alignment.

Custom-made braces

To straighten teeth that are misaligned, irregularly spaced, protruding or crooked, dentists may prescribe wearing a custom-made braces system to uniquely correct an orthodontic condition. The aim is to improve dental bite and oral health while enhancing the natural beauty of our smiles. A professional experienced braces specialist will be able to provide you with the best standard of care when it comes to this.

Bespoke dental veneers

Individuals may wish to mask discoloured teeth with dental or porcelain veneers that bond over a prepared tooth surface giving the teeth a healthy white symmetrical look. Dental veneers give teeth better alignment too.

Straighter and whiter teeth

To brighten tooth character, teeth may be straightened with invisible braces and whitened with home or power teeth whitening such as Zoom! Straightening and whitening teeth brings out the natural character of our teeth for a beautiful smile. Straightening when only minor orthodontic adjustment is needed can be done using Simpli5.

White composite or porcelain restorations

White composite may be used to rebuild a damaged tooth, strengthen tooth structure and restore a tooth to its natural appearance. Porcelain restorations such as dental fillings and crowns serve a similar purpose, and look just like normal healthy white teeth. Inlays are used to fill smaller cavities while overlays fill larger cavities and crowns restore the outer tooth cusp.

Partial or complete dentures

Single or multiple missing teeth may be replaced with partial or full dentures made of acrylic nylon to resemble the gum tissue and natural teeth. Some dentures suction to the palate while others may be fitted with a metal frame or anchored to dental implants.