Have you always been aware of your crooked teeth? Do you long for a perfect, straight smile but can’t handle the thought of wearing braces? If so, lingual braces could be a solution worth considering.

Braces have something of a bad reputation and they are often considered geeky and not very cool, but the reality is that they do a great job and at the end of treatment, you will have an amazing new smile, which will be worth all the effort. It’s understandable to be concerned about your image, especially if your job involves face to face contact with people or you are conscious of your image and if you don’t want to be put up with visible braces, there are other options you can consider.

About lingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed braces, which offer you the opportunity to enjoy an incredible smile without anyone being able to see your brace. This is achieved by fixing the braces to the back of the teeth, rather than the front.

With the braces sitting behind the teeth, there is no way of treatment ruining your smile or making you conscious when you meet new people or see people for the first time once your braces have been fitted.

Benefits of lingual braces

In addition to the fact that the brace is invisible to other people, lingual braces are also comfortable, convenient and quick. Once the brace is in place, you don’t have to do anything except let it do its magic and keep it clean and the technology used helps to reduce friction and accelerate tooth movement so you can enjoy faster and more comfortable treatment.

Lingual braces sound painful because you wonder how a brace will fit behind the teeth without clashing with the tongue, but the braces are much smaller than normal braces and they use technology to enhance comfort. Initially, they may be a little uncomfortable, but this is normal and you will soon get used to wearing your braces.

Lingual brace treatments

There are two leading lingual brace treatments: Incognito, which is suitable for most patients, and STb Social 6, which is designed for patients with mild orthodontic problems, which affect the social 6. The social 6 is the term used to describe the teeth that can be seen when you smile. Treatment time varies according to the complexity of the prescription and the amount of movement needed and may vary from 6 weeks in minor cases, to 28 months, in complex cases.

If you’ve been hoping for a miracle cure for your crowded or gappy smile, lingual braces could be just the answer! Call a lingual braces clinic or a dental practice, which offers lingual brace treatment to find out more.